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Lux Plant Bar

Whether you are looking for a party space or rentals for your own place, we have got you covered! Contact us today to learn more!



Plant Consultations

We’ll work with you to determine what plants best fit your taste and your space. By considering lighting, desired maintenance level, and other environmental factors, we’ll transform your space with incredible foliage and ensure your plant friends are set up for a happy, healthy life. Contact us to set up a consultation appointment for your home, office, shop, or restaurant.


Plant Rental

We would love to help transform your next event. Stop by the plant bar or shoot us an email to discuss your big day. We’d love to be a part of your event. 


Peacock Chair Rentals

We have peacock chairs to offer for your next boho chic event or photoshoot! The chair is rented out on 24-hour periods and must be returned the next day before noon in order to avoid being charged for the day after. Chair rental is $300 per chair ($200 refundable deposit/$100 rental fee). The deposit is refundable if there is no damage or will be applied to the next-day rental if the chair is not picked up by noon the following day. The chair is free to use for any photographer renting the boutique for on-site shoots. Contact Us!


Photographer Plant Bar Rental

We are glad you love Lux Plant Bar as much as we do! Contact your favorite area photographer and we would love to do a collaboration with you! The space is rented entirely to you when the store is closed to the general public. Contact Us for availability 

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Love our plants as much as we do? Visit our shop today!

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