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Create the perfect environment for plants that thrive in moist soil

Simplify plant care with self-watering for picky, hard-to-reach, and thirsty plants

Glassware sold separately, you can also reuse and upcycle what you have at home!

Plant Straw- Medium Brick Red

$27.99 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
  • 1. Moisten the entire wick

    2. Lift the plant out of its pot, circle the wick at the bottom or loosely around the roots, and return the plant to its pot. Press the soil gently to stabilize the Plantstraw

    3. Place the other end of the Plantstraw in a container of water

    4. Thoroughly water your plant

    5. Find the perfect spot to show off your new setup!

    You might need to repeat step 4 until the plant is adjusted. Keep an eye on it for the first two weeks and after major changes in the temperature.

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