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  • A Must for Gardening Enthusiasts: Making sure your house plants enjoy a natural and healthy growth rhythm is now easier than ever with the Petals totem pole plant support, supporting delicate plants to grow upwards, with healthy and strong roots!


  • Natural Coir Fiber: This moss pole for plants is made with premium quality, all-natural coco coir fiber and wood stakes, an eco-friendly product which contains no plastic and is guaranteed to last!


  • Complete Kit: This set includes everything you need for a user-friendly and rewarding plant growing experience, whether you’re a beginner or pro! You’ll receive 2 x 12” moss poles, 5 x plant labels and 2 meter long velcro for enhanced fixation


  • Healthy Growth: This moss stick simulates plants’ natural growing environment, being made with natural fiber that is easy to penetrate by aerial roots. You’ll enjoy stronger, healthier plants without the hassle of poor quality improvisations!


  • Versatile and Practical: The Petals plant climbing poles fit together in order to create a longer pole, depending on your plants’ individual needs. Use them for a wide variety of climbing plants and vines including Monstera, Devil’s Ivy, Money Plant and more!

Moss Pole 12 Inches 2 Pcs Set - 20 Inch Coco Coir Pole

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