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This arrow head Syngonium sports milky green foliage with splashes of pink! Plant come planted directly in a white ceramic pot with drainage.


We like to offer this plant moderate indirect light. We do not recommend allowing any direct sunlight to hit the foliage as this will cause it to burn. We would suggest an east-facing window for this plant.


We like to water this plant when the top inch or two of soil is about dry to the touch. Too much water will lead to yellowing leaves that will eventually drop. When not watered enough it will show brown crispy tips on its foliage.


The Syngonium Milk Confetti is relatively easy to care for. It will enjoy being fertilized monthly in the growing season. We recommend a general houseplant fertilizer diluted to about half. It will trail in a hanging basket or go up a trellis. This plant can be easily propagated by taking cuttings and placing them in water or directly into soil. We like to wipe the leaves down monthly with neem oil to keep them clean and to keep any pests away.

4” Syngonium Milk Confetti in Ceramic Pot

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