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The Euphorbia Trigona Variegated, is a unique beauty and natural allure to your indoor haven.

With its slender, branching stems adorned with striking variegation, the Euphorbia Trigona Variegated exudes a unique charm. The distinct color patterns and geometric lines create an enchanting display, making it a captivating focal point wherever it's placed.

Whether displayed on a windowsill, adorning a shelf, or as part of a unique arrangement, the Euphorbia Trigona Variegated adds a touch of exotic elegance and dynamic charm to any corner of your home. Elevate your indoor greenery collection with this botanical gem and experience the joy of nurturing a living masterpiece that embodies uniqueness, allure, and a touch of botanical wonder in one delightful package.

This listing is for Euphorbia Trigona Variegated in a 3" Plant Pot.


Light: Bright Indirect

Humidity: None

Water: Allow to dry out. Do not overwater.

Soil: Well draining, chunky soil.

OWNER CHOICE, may not be the exact plant shown but will be similar in size and quality as photo shown.

3” Euphorbia Trigona (Variegated)