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Bring on the Plant Lovers!

Hey there, welcome to Lux Plant Bar!

Melissa is a local to the area and a proud wife to her retired Marine, Alvin. With her vision and his loving support came Lux Plant Bar. The idea was very simple; with their home bursting at the seams with her growing collection. When creating their shop, they knew they wanted to create a luxurious space for both the beginning plant owner and the expert to indulge in decorating their home with plants. Lux Plant Bar prides itself in sourcing the most beautiful and exotic plants that they can get their hands on, and of course, sharing them with all of you. 


We are excited to offer our hometown of Jacksonville, NC with one of the only local brick and mortar indoor houseplant shops, and plan to expand to online in the near future. We are looking forward to being that unique place for the plant enthusiast that our town was missing.  In our shop, you'll find a unique selection of indoor planters, apparel, and home goods. 


We look forward to helping you transform and decorate your space at Lux plant bar! 


Privacy Policy... We do not sell any information without your express permission to do so.  By subscribing to our website you give us permission to send  you advertising and promotional materials.

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